My life is just remarkable

I knew my life was going to be different from other people’s from a young age. In Kensington, London, my mom ran an escort service, while in Soho, my dad ran a porn empire. In addition to owning a number of clubs featuring some of London’s top dancers, he also had some of the greatest sex stores in Soho. My dad’s nightclubs were a major source for the females who would later work for my mum’s London escort agency of


My upbringing may be described as unconventional. I used to spend my after-school hours either at my mom’s West Midland escorts service office or in the rear office of one of my dad’s clubs. My aspirations of becoming a dancing lady or working for my mom’s escort business quickly escalated as I mastered the girls’ skills. I was worried about my teacher’s opinion of my professional aspirations, even though I didn’t think much of working for a West Midland escorts agency.


After reaching legal age in London, I did wind up finding employment in the adult entertainment sector. The escort agency in London or one of my dad’s old clubs, though, were not going to be involved. On the contrary, I had stumbled across the fantastic realm of sex and was rapidly engaging in the most daring partnerships one could imagine for a young lady of my age (19). While I was in London with a handful of escorts from my mom’s business in Kensington, I had a connection with an adult film director.


There was initially absolutely no talk of filmmaking. By the time I was twenty years old, I had likely experienced every position in the Kama Sutra with this guy; we just enjoyed ourselves in bed. He was an adept at arousing young girls and had even instructed me in the art of multi orgasm. My mom really wanted me to come to London and assist out with her escort agency, but I didn’t see the point when I could have just as much fun with my lovely older lover.


I never did use my mum’s London escort service, much to her dismay. On the contrary, my partner was instrumental in my rise to porn stardom. Even now, I still find great satisfaction in this line of work. If it makes you happy, I’ll do it—anal, threesomes, and all that dirty stuff. I would never claim to be oversexed, but that’s just what some people think. I like flaunting my flawless figure as an exotic model when I’m not working on my porn star job. I think I’m the only 26-year-old porn star whose parents are genuinely proud of her. Hey, is my guy still in my life? I am; no other man can meet my needs as he does.


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