I love women in heavy make up

I know that some gents who date London escorts like https://www.londonxcity.com not like make up at all, but I love to see a girl in make up. It all started when I worked in Japan for a long time, and got addicted to dating geisha girls. Now, I cannot even kiss a girl unless she wears a lot of lipstick. It may sound a bit strange, I even have a fetish about the taste of lipstick. Many of the girls that I date at London escorts do know about my fetish, and they make sure that they wear make up.


Now days, many women who work in offices do not wear a lot of make up. I cannot say that I find it off putting, but I do think that a lot of girls do not look very feminine. This is just one of the many reasons why I am really into dating London escorts. I am not saying that all London escorts wear a liberal amount of make up, but many of them do. I do actually have a couple of favorite girls at one particular London escorts service who seem to enjoy wearing make up, so I meet up with them a lot.


It is not only lip stick that turns me on. I like all sorts of make up, and I get especially turned on my false eye lashes. I know that they are fake, and I don’t have a problem with that at all. One of the London escorts that I date on a regular basis wears different colored false eye lashes, and that is a serious thing for me. I think that she looks absolutely amazing, and out of all of the London escorts that I date, she is probably my favorite escort.


Recently, I have started to buy some of my London escorts make up that I think they would look pretty in. Most of the girls don’t seem to mind, but a couple of my regular London escorts have been a bit surprised. I am sure that most girls don’t expect a gent to buy them make up, but I am very particular about color. Geisha girls wear this amazing red lipstick, and you can only really get that color from Shiseido. I buy a lot of make up from the Shiseido color in Harrods, and I think the brand represents Japan perfectly.


Yes, I think that I will always want to date London escorts who wear a lot of make up. Whenever I go back to Japan, I like to date geisha girl, but I have recently met a geisha girl at London escorts. She is the most amazing looking girl, and I do like her company. I wish that I could afford to date her all of the time, but that would be impossible. She charges a lot of money per hour, but a couple of times per month, it is certainly worth it. She allows me to indulge all of my special pleasures that I learned about in Japan.

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