Maximum Sexual Pleasure with a One Night Stand

Sometimes it is easier to get sexual pleasure from a stranger. Though you would think being with someone who knows you well will please you more, that is not always the case. Hiring a cheap London escort for a one night stand can be exactly what you need to achieve maximum sexual pleasure.

You can usually find some very beautiful girls available from the local escort agencies. Try checking online to see what you find. If that doesn’t work for you there are some escorts that can be picked up on the streets or in the local bars. Any of them will do because the whole purpose of their job is to please you. However, there are still ways to make sure you achieve maximum sexual pleasure from your one night stand. Below are some tips:

Start out with foreplay

Some people really underestimate the importance of foreplay. This gets you in the mood but also allows you to extend the sexual excitement. This allows you to build up the momentum to really enjoy your night. However, make sure that you don’t get carried away and finish too soon.

Let her lead

Unless they are new to the escort business, escorts are very experienced in the aspects of sexual pleasure. Let your escort suggest some new positions to try, or even new things, like you fucking her tight asshole, to spice things up. You would be amazed how much pleasure you can get from trying these new things.

Romance her

Women love to be romanced, even Cheap London escorts. Yes, they are there to do their job, but they still like to be sweet-talked and loved on. Try lighting some candles to set a more romantic mood, or giving each other massages. This will make her feel special, which will definitely arouse her. Which means her pussy will be extra wet and ready for your hard cock.

Be unpredictable

Being unpredictable is always a great thing. Even though escorts are in the business of sex, they don’t want to experience the same old thing from every person that hires them. Try asking her what she wants and see how excited she gets. Even though she is an escort she wants to feel important too. Touching her in different parts of the body will promote much more feeling to her body as well as yours.

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